Welcome!  We are so glad you stopped by!  Sweet Delight Kettle Corn has been a mobile business since 2010 and has popped loads of kettle corn at different events in Southeast Wisconsin.

We started with our ever-popular original kettle corn and have since added caramel corn and maple kettle corn to our lineup.  Our kettle corn is light and crispy with a light glaze — definitely not the stick-to-your teeth gummy stuff.  You can freeze our kettle corn for up to six weeks and it will still be fresh and tasty.

All three of our flavors are available at Piggly Wiggly in Muskego, Wisconsin, Patterson Orchards in New Berlin, Wisconsin, and Blair’s True Value in New Berlin and Menomonee Falls.  Chocolate Falls in downtown Menomonee Falls has also started selling our kettle corn.